Thursday, 28 November 2013

SOJA - "Strength To Survive" - a review

Lately I have started listening to a lot of reggae again. It all started through an interview I saw with HR (singer of Bad Brains). He reminded my all things good about reggae, while he spoke about always being composed and rooted in yourself. These are things that I myseld try to implement, and HR and good reggae music help me find that grounded sense of being, and help me be composed and centrered.

On to SOJA. This 'new reggae' band does it just fine for me, since it is basically good old roots reggae music with a positive message which (on this album) focuses on the topic of surviving in this babylon world. Exactly what I need. Honestly, during these troubling times sometimes it helps to go back to the basics and remember that surviving is the essence of life. It helps a lot to go back to being survival-centered. It is the base for bigger things, because being all about survival helps you take the right decisions in life, take care of yourself etc. So Strength to Survive is the best title I could think of for a chilled out roots rock reggae album.

The album is filled with nice, laid back rocking grooves and positive messages, and I have to say that SOJA really knows how to make a nice reggae song with all the right components. Nice melodies, great verses, choruses that are catchy but aren't ridiculously sweet or anything. There are songs about life in babylon, love songs, personal growth songs -- it's all right here. The lyrics are uplifting a a whole, but that doesn't exclude a bit of melancholy in there, where we hear stories of reminsicing about better times past or about what could be. A great cover art ties everything together nicely and gives of a nice Peace feeling.

I am just happy to have this album to rock to while working those hectic shifts, serving customers and trying to give off a good vive to them, cleaning the shop or just kicking back and taking it easy for a while. I will definitely be looking for more albums of SOJA to discover and listen to in depth.

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