Monday, 17 December 2012

Choosing My Own Way of Life

Wow... I didn't even get the chance to start this blog properly, and I already have started slacking off posts. Well, that's because this bhakta has unfortunately been pretty busy with  material life. But hey...

No matter the utter business of our every day life (I work for 11+ hours everyday and am gone from home for about 14 hours per day), I want to believe there's always time to maintain a spiritual mindset. If anything, it is essential for us busy people. If we don't stop to think about what we've done and where we are in life, there is simply no reason and no rhyme in this life. I just hope that I'm getting somewhere with mine!

So on a personal level I have been practising a lot with mantras recently, especially in the morning in order to dispel those bastardy negative feelings. Yup... waking up is NOT easy for me and I usually wake up in kind of a bad mood. But now I am making a bit of progress. Just repeating a mantra on the inside seems to help a lot in keeping negative thoughts outside the main picture. It grounds me and it clears away the grumpiness, so everyone should try for their own sake.

There is always a question of whether we should follow a specific school or if we should just sample many plates and combine knowledge of different spiritual paths. For the time being, I simply have not found a straight answer to that. Even after all this time I am still not 100% dedicated to a certain path even though I deeply feel attracted to a few. Somehow I do feel that it's only right (and an important goal) to devote myself to a personal meditational deity/protector, and when I finally decide, I feel I should be adamant about my choice. This world has many good things to offer on every level, but at some point we still have to make our choices and stick to them.

I guess it's OK -- there's no hussle, I'll just take my time and decide when the time's right. And that's a point I've been missing for a long time. Since I feel I've been making a bit of progress and these are intense times, I'll just post this following song in order to remember the good times :)

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