Thursday, 15 November 2012

Shelter - "In Defense of Reality" (w/Lyrics)

Shelter and Youth of Today are the reasons I turned vegetarian, straight edge, and also the reason I got into Krishna consciousness. You could say I owe Ray Cappo and co. a lot.

I have so many memories of listening to Shelter along my path of personal growth and change. And even now, in my 30's, Shelter's music still uplifts me and gives me strength. I could go on and on about it, and about how these sounds and words represent to me positive change and deep reflection.

With a bit of positive hardcore and the light of Truth, I am at happily at home. I guess I am here to stay.

I DEFENSE OF REALITY: Security. How secure are we? Making our plans in a castle of sand as our dreams get dragged to the sea. You say you’re independent. Well is that a fact? It’s by creation’s donation you are maintained but you’d rather turn your back. I’m in defense of reality. Today’s modern science is your modern religion. Guesswork taught as fact. Don’t talk back. Blind faith in their decisions. They say explosions started creation and we’re just chemical combinations. But would they take the same stand if there’s a gun in my hand or would they beg for their salvation? We’ll see. Actually these conclusions prove their insanity. A creation without creator? Can it be? Just like a painting without a painter. Absurdity. No I don’t want to run away - I want to embrace reality.

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